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Tell Me a Story

Today I uploaded four more short stories to my humble website. For years I resisted doing this type of self-publishing, and for a very simple reason: Most of the fiction people put up on the Web is utter crap. It’s … Continue reading

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Okay, Everybody out of the Pool

I’m trying to like Sonar 8.5. It’s got a lot of little tiny buttons, but I’m starting to think maybe I can deal with it. And then… And then I discover that the 64-bit version won’t import REX files. Isn’t … Continue reading

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RTFM? Gee, I’d love to…

One of the dubious benefits of being a music technology guru is that I have ridiculous numbers of high-end programs on my hard drive. After my fiasco earlier today trying to get Cubase to handle multi-output audio coming from VST … Continue reading

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Underrun Run

Music technology sucks. In the story I’m about to tell, I want to make it clear that I’m not blaming any particular company or software development team. The problems I’m having today are symptomatic, rather, of the entire state of … Continue reading

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Chicken Man

This is a story about the power of positive reinforcement. I no longer remember who told me the story — possibly it was my friend Aishala, whose brother knew the participants. In any event, it has the ring of truth. … Continue reading

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Stuck in Lodi

Today I’m thinking it would be very nice to have a group of local artists to hang out with — preferably people with whom I have a modest amount in common. Maybe even a group of musicians. I mean, it’s … Continue reading

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So I ordered a new PCI card for my new computer in order to get it to work properly with the Yamaha mLAN driver. But — whoops, silly me! I looked at the back of the computer, saw metal tabs … Continue reading

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