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Art à la Carte

There is a school of thought that would insist that great art embodies powerful human emotions, and perhaps as a corollary that the greatest art is that which conveys human emotions most powerfully, that a work of art that fails … Continue reading

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Stuck in Lodi

Today I’m thinking it would be very nice to have a group of local artists to hang out with — preferably people with whom I have a modest amount in common. Maybe even a group of musicians. I mean, it’s … Continue reading

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Photoshop Junkie

Remember the Mac IIci? Great computer, for its day. Back in 1992 or thereabouts, I found myself with a loaner machine in my home. On it was a copy of Photoshop. I can’t draw, so Photoshop was an ideal program … Continue reading

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Feeling Good

People create stuff because they enjoy creating stuff. That’s a truism, so let’s be a little more specific. When an artist creates a new work of art, what’s going on is that the artist’s brain is producing some sort of … Continue reading

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Collision Course

I’m continuing to work through The Artist’s Way with a group — one chapter per week. I’m finding the exercises in Chapter 5 very helpful, but I sense I’m on a collision course with Chapter 6. In Chapter 6, “Recovering … Continue reading

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The Art Part

Writing decent interactive fiction requires mass quantities of creativity. But can the result ever aspire to be taken seriously as art? Or are we just building grandiose crossword puzzles? Everybody gets to have their own opinion about this. I’m not … Continue reading

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Peer Support

When I get depressed, it interferes with my creativity. What I need is an “art buddy,” someone who can offer support on an ongoing basis. I want to stay on track, not slog through the doldrums, but doing it by … Continue reading

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