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Falling Stars

Back in the day (it’s been 50 years now — gawd!), I was a Jefferson Airplane fan. After Bathing at Baxter’s was the first rock LP I ever bought. I saw them at Fillmore West a couple of times. They … Continue reading

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Tumbling Dice

Most modern board games include a few random elements — a deck of shuffled cards, rolls of the dice, or items drawn out of a black bag. I recently bought a new game called Trajan, and when it arrived yesterday … Continue reading

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Devices and Desires

Sometimes I write, and sometimes I play music. The older I get, the less I feel the need to prove anything to anybody. It’s enough just to have fun. If something isn’t fun, why do it? Writing novels is, let’s … Continue reading

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More about Gawd…

Attempting to read the Old Testament as literature is, at best, not likely to produce either an enjoyable read or a satisfying critique. Trying to ignore the social dimensions of what’s going on in the stories is only one of … Continue reading

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One of the advantages of being retired is that I can spend a whole day chasing rabbits — intellectual rabbits, that is; I never leave my chair — if it pleases me. Yesterday a Facebook friend who is an ardent … Continue reading

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What’s Your Story?

In pondering the perplexities of modern life, I’m finding it useful and perhaps even comforting to reflect that stories aren’t just things that we find in books. Everyone has their own story — the things they tell themselves about who … Continue reading

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Desktop Publishing Does a Reboot

Long-time readers of this space (both of you) will be aware of my ongoing fascination with interactive fiction. This is partly because hobbyist-level computer programming is fun, partly because designing an interactive fictional world is fun, and partly because, back … Continue reading

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Don’t Splash on Me

I’ve never properly learned a foreign language. Okay, I had three years of Latin in high school (from a not very adequate teacher, or maybe I just wasn’t paying attention) and a couple of quarters of German at UC Berkeley, … Continue reading

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