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Ron Paul

Having seen Ron Paul and Ralph Nader agreeing with one another in a cordial way on some video clip or other, I was prepared to take a closer look at Mr. Paul, without prejudging him. Having learned a little more, … Continue reading

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The crime novels of the 1930s and 1940s were tightly focused on the crime itself, and the detective’s efforts to solve it. In Raymond Chandler’s books we learn almost nothing about his sleuth, Philip Marlowe. But as the years rolled … Continue reading

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Too Many Clues

This week I’ve been reading the better sort of murder mysteries — Raymond Chandler, Ross McDonald, P. D. James, Lawrence Block. Good stories, all of them, and expertly told. Yet in each case, there has been something that was jarringly … Continue reading

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I Read the News Today, Oh Boy…

I really should avoid reading The Huffington Post. I’d be in far better spirits if I didn’t know what’s going on in the world. The administration at a Pennsylvania high school (including the principal) seems to be intent on blaming … Continue reading

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Ads on My Posts? WTF?

Usually I’m logged in when I visit my blog. As a result, I don’t necessarily see quite what others see when they visit. Only tonight did I happen to learn that when a visitor clicks on the title of a … Continue reading

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Work in Progress

I’d love to read comments on this piece. It’s not quite finished, and it’s complicated enough that my thought processes are getting a little scattered. I’m not going to point out the things I feel may need more work — … Continue reading

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Martian Accidentals

This is one of those chores for which I wish I had an intern. I’m scanning a 155-page music score into the computer, one page at a time. It’s taking hours. Why, you ask? A volatile mix of obsessive-compulsive behavior … Continue reading

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Pulp Fiction

When I’m sick, I tend to grab Perry Mason mystery novels and read them. I only do it when I’m sick, because they’re far too degraded and awful to read at any other time. I have a large collection of … Continue reading

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Attack Troll with Sword

Back in June, I started a post on interactive fiction this way: “For the past few months I’ve been pretty much ignoring interactive fiction, but that may be changing.” In January, I started a post this way: “After ignoring interactive … Continue reading

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