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Mixed Feelings

As a musician, I purely hate powered gardening devices. The excuciating sound of a power mower is enough to give me homicidal impulses. I also avoid yard work whenever possible, which is almost always. So this morning I sit down … Continue reading

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Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

I’m having a stab at learning Dreamweaver, Adobe’s complex and sophisticated website design system. And in idle moments, I’m asking myself why I should be doing this. I think I know why. It’s not just that I enjoy learning new software. … Continue reading

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Burnin’ Down the House

Today I saw a bumper sticker that said, “Fight Socialism!” That and the Ronald Reagan bumper sticker made it crystal-clear that the owner of the car must be of the conservative persuasion. My question for this addle-pated individual is this: When … Continue reading

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Bad Examples

Sometimes the best way to learn is by watching others fail. When we read, view, or listen to a work by a master, a work we admire for its perfection, the craft that went into it is not always apparent on … Continue reading

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I’d like to have a better network of social contacts. Friends, I think they’re called. Church attendance is rumored to be a way to build a social network. My choices in this arena are limited, as I’m an atheist. The … Continue reading

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Goats in the Machine

I have a talented cello student, a sophomore in high school, who on his own initiative found and started learning Mark Summer’s “Julie-O.” Summer is the cellist with the Turtle Island String Quartet, and “Julie-O” is his big unaccompanied solo … Continue reading

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Lost in the Clouds

Today I’m wandering around SoundCloud, checking out the electronic music. Here and there I stumble over a piece that’s not so bad that it makes my skin crawl, but they’re few and far between. The composers (using the term very … Continue reading

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