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Recent Prehistory

Trying to maintain a skeptical stance when talking with religious people is, in the main, pointless. They’re hard-wired not to get it. But while getting nowhere attempting to discuss current events with respect to Judaism and the Middle East, I … Continue reading

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Practicing Cello

A comment on one of my posts asked whether I have any tips for more efficient practicing. Maybe a few, yeah. I don’t follow my own tips all the time, but here they are: Warm up before you tackle tough … Continue reading

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Can You Spell “Bee”?

According to a story in this morning’s SF Chronicle, the decline in honeybee populations is continuing. Bees are vulnerable to a number of pests, and the decline has been going on for several years, but two years ago reports started … Continue reading

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Passion vs. Getting Wound Up

I’ve been searching, rather haphazardly, for something that I can feel passionate about. I have half a dozen candidates — playing the piano, writing short stories, composing electronic music, and so forth — about all of which I feel rather lukewarm. … Continue reading

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The Human Species — Feh.

Morbid curiosity drove me to spend a few minutes tonight surfing web pages that express opinions about homosexuality (either pro or con) using texts from the Bible and/or the Talmud to support their positions. One site insists that the growing acceptance of … Continue reading

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Turf Wars

This afternoon on Marketplace (on NPR) they broadcast one of those industry-generated puff pieces that masquerade as news. This one was about how people are responding to the drought in California by replacing their water-guzzling lawns with artificial turf. At two … Continue reading

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Go for It!

Until the Internet came along, I had never been able to find anyone to play go with. Go is a board game widely played in Japan, China, and Korea (go is the Japanese name). The rules are simple, but it’s as difficult … Continue reading

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