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The View from Here

I’m strictly an amateur armchair cosmology fanboy. If I wanted to do the math that physicists do, I’d have to spend five or six years studying full-time, and even then it would be a struggle. But it’s fun to think … Continue reading

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The Sleep of Reason

Sometimes I have to think about things for a while, in a vague and disorganized way, before what’s bugging me snaps into focus. As I’ve continued to mull over the controversy within which the Unitarian Universalist community has lately become … Continue reading

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Do I Hear the Fat Lady Singing?

No, it’s not over. (And in case you think my headline is an insult to people who are carrying around some extra body weight, perhaps I should explain that I was being deliberately ironic in running that risk. See how … Continue reading

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Hand-Waving at Plot

If you read books about how to write fiction, or attend workshops, you’ll pick up lots of bits of useful advice. The trick is in understanding how to apply what you’re learning. A few people had recommended Samantha Shannon’s The … Continue reading

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Sync or Swym

Carl Jung was either the mystic for psychologists or the psychologist for mystics, take your pick. For reasons that will become apparent in a moment, I recently tackled his essay on synchronicity. After 50 pages or so, I’ve been forced … Continue reading

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