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I love reading mysteries. Lately I’ve been on an Agatha Christie jag — bought many of the titles that were not already in my collection. Her approach to plot is somewhat formulaic, though there are often surprising twists. (That’s part … Continue reading

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Symphony Jam

Last week I had a longish conversation with the fellow who will be the new principal cellist this fall for the Livermore Symphony. He’s a much better cellist than I am — to the point where he’s lowering himself a … Continue reading

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Little Boxes

Q: Why aren’t kids taught how to make their own music? A: Because adults don’t know how to teach them. Most adults don’t make their own music, and they don’t think making your own music is important. Of the few … Continue reading

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Bubble Boy

Lately I’ve been feeling as if I’m living in a bubble, or on a stage set — as if my life isn’t quite real. For a while I was thinking this is because I have no family. But while that … Continue reading

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Paint Me a Picture

I have a number of friends who are amateur classical musicians. Some of them are quite accomplished — but it always astonishes me that they can’t improvise. I mean, how can you not improvise? It doesn’t really astonish me, though. … Continue reading

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