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The Delicate Aura of Mayhem

P. D. James is depressing. She’s a fine writer; this is not a criticism of her talent or technique. At least, not directly. It’s the materials she chooses for her stories that cast long, gloomy shadows. Right now I’m reading … Continue reading

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Thrilling Climax

It is a convention of the mystery genre that in the climactic scene, the hero must directly confront the villain, one on one, toe to toe, with no outside aid of any kind and preferably with no weapon. The hero … Continue reading

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Tune Me Up

For microtonality freaks only — I gathered the information below for an article in Electronic Musician. It’s still available on their website, or was the last time I looked. But just to spread it around a little, I thought I’d … Continue reading

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Choose Your Poison

It’s very clear that free market capitalism produces a certain type of abuses — human suffering, in other words. If you doubt this, you might want to read up on the history of the industrial revolution. Read about the Triangle … Continue reading

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Noble Truths

When asked if I have a religious affiliation, I usually say I’m a crypto-Buddhist. By this I mean that I don’t know a whole lot about Buddhism, but what I know seems fairly sensible. Buddhism isn’t really a religion; it’s … Continue reading

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Would You Like Oxygen with That?

I’ve never moved anyone into assisted living before. I talked to people, asked questions, looked at various facilities, and selected the one that seemed best for Mom. Mom is now on oxygen. When the head of the medical staff of … Continue reading

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Cutting Meat

I’m not entirely convinced that economists know enough to tie their own shoes. Friedrich Hayek won the Nobel prize for his work in economics, but after dipping into The Constitution of Liberty, an influential book he wrote in the late … Continue reading

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