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Lumpy Gravy

Why has the Bohlen-Pierce scale been so widely embraced? (For very small values of “widely,” to be sure — but still.) I’m not sure what the attractions of this scale may be. I’ve been trying to keep an open mind, … Continue reading

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Tonight I’m bored with music. Bored with the arts in general, actually. Art, it seems to me, concerns itself mainly with the human experience — with human perceptions, aspirations, and emotions. Recent headlines have left me profoundly disgusted with the … Continue reading

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What Goes Around, Comes Around

As we stagger out past the end of the American Century, it may be useful to contemplate what will happen next — or what may happen, if we’re willing to roll with it. The American Century lasted for about 130 … Continue reading

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Disklavier Dreams

This morning my friend Peter Giles — I don’t know his exact title, so we’ll call him the Communications Director for Yamaha Digital Music — announced a “strategic partnership” with a company called Zenph. I’ve been trying to decipher the … Continue reading

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Rick Santorum and the Naughty Bits

According to an article in today’s Huffington Post, “Republican presidential hopeful Rick Santorum recently pledged to ‘die on that hill’ fighting against same-sex marriage, and made a similar vow to repeal all federal funding for contraception because it is ‘a … Continue reading

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I love jazz chord voicings. But so many people have explored that turf, and for so many years, that I doubt I could do anything even remotely original. This chords in this new piece, on the other hand, I can … Continue reading

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Stage Fark

In many human cultures down through history, music was something that lots of people did. In the United States, prior to the invention of the phonograph and the radio, families would gather around the piano in the evening and sing … Continue reading

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Today’s news about Occupy Wall Street reminded me of this song: SoundCloud was smart enough to know that I was trying to upload it in violation of copyright, so I put it up (quite illegally, I assure you) on my … Continue reading

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Let’s Get Together

The town where I live is not huge. It qualifies as a city only in the rhetoric of our elected officials. Even so, we have a thriving Art Association. Local painters, photographers, and jewelry makers have banded together for many … Continue reading

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