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Modulation Done Right

In implementation, thinking through the details of how your users will want to use a feature can make a huge difference. Today’s details will be of interest to nobody but musicians who use Propellerhead Reason. One of Propellerhead’s optional add-on … Continue reading

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Call Me a Snob If You Like, but…

Should I return to college as an English major? Maybe not. Yesterday I took a look at the courses English majors are required to take at UC Berkeley. Reading lists are provided with the course listings. One of the courses … Continue reading

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Those Who Can’t (or Don’t) Teach

As a retired single guy who dropped out of college in 1969, I have a recurring fantasy of going back to get a degree or two. Not strictly for my own satisfaction or to fill the idle hours (though those … Continue reading

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Smut Smiters

I’m kind of burned out on the whole Caitlyn Jenner thing — trying to explain to people that a trans woman is not “a man in a dress.” But somewhere along the way, I was taking a quick, horrified glance … Continue reading

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