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Choosing the Right Idea

Last night I happened to be poking around in the interactive fiction database, and found a couple of very flattering reviews of two of my games (“Lydia’s Heart” and “Not Just an Ordinary Ballerina”). This gives my spirits a lift. It … Continue reading

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(A Bit) More on Inform

Still plugging away at my entirely absurd text game, learning Inform 7 as I go. Making a little progress, encountering a few perplexities. Inform very deliberately uses the text name of a room as its code name (or vice-versa, depending … Continue reading

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Finger in the Socket

Sitting here listening to music on Created a new “station” (all Pandora stations are personalized) — Frank Zappa, Meat Beat Manifesto, Skinny Puppy, Cabaret Voltaire — and Pandora serves up wonderful tracks by Front 242, Wumpscut, and OMD. This is … Continue reading

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Product Review Madness

I can’t prove any of the guesses I’m about to make. Please bear that in mind. I may be entirely wrong. But… Last night I finished writing a review of the Roland Fantom-G keyboard for Electronic Musician. Having no particular … Continue reading

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UPS: No Thumbs

So what is it about UPS drivers, anyhow? Are they all morons? Because I’m self-employed as a freelance writer, and because I write reviews of software and hardware, I occasionally have packages delivered to my home. What I have found … Continue reading

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I think I’m about ready to give up on Inform 7 yet again. I hate to do it, both because the IDE (integrated development environment) is extremely nice, and because it’s such a popular authoring system for interactive fiction. But … Continue reading

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Are We Having Fun Yet?

I write a fair number of product reviews of music software and hardware. I get paid for writing them. In the main, it’s an irritating chore. I’ve been trying to remember the last time I actually had fun writing a … Continue reading

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