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Strike Up the “Band”

Lately I’ve been doing bits of recorded music for the Sunday services at my local Unitarian-Universalist church. Before the pandemic (and before the lovely woman who was our pianist died) I used to play cello in services from time. I … Continue reading

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Rack-It Science

As a retired guy with no family obligations and a pronounced disinclination to do yard work, I have time on my hands. I need a big project to work on. Writing novels is painfully complex, and also very under-appreciated. Instead, … Continue reading

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Not Being Trendy

Pop music has always been about trends — either setting a trend or following one. Partly this is for reasons of finance: In order to stay in business, a record company has to purvey predictable platters. Most listeners, be they … Continue reading

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E is for “Ehh…”

This post will most likely be of no interest to you unless you’re a cellist and have some interest in electric cellos, either because you own one or because you’re wondering if you might like to buy one. But I … Continue reading

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Music and Senescence

There are two ways to make music. First, you can physically play an instrument. (For simplicity we’ll lump your throat and mouth in with the other instruments.) Instead, you can record it, most likely using a computer. What you’re recording … Continue reading

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Presentation & Substance

At what point does the presentation of a piece of music — its staging — become an essential part of the music’s significance? To look at it another way, at what point does the staging become a distraction? This is … Continue reading

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Tune Time

If you play music, everybody wants to know what kind of music you play. Classical? Bluegrass? Prog rock? It’s wearisome. Saying, “I just do whatever pleases me,” is true, but it doesn’t provide much in the way of information. Some … Continue reading

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Grace Notes

I’m going to be reviewing Band-in-a-Box for the Synth & Software website. That review won’t be written or uploaded for a couple of weeks, and I’m not going to spoil it by giving you a lot of inside information in … Continue reading

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Synthesizers will spoil you. That’s one of the possible answers to today’s pressing question. There are other possible answers. I love microtonal music. There are many, many interesting tuning systems, and my piano, as lovely as it is, only does … Continue reading

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Not Yer Grandma’s Minimoog

If you’ve been around electronic music for a couple of decades, as I have, you may perhaps be forgiven for thinking you know what synthesizers do, and how to use them. But the world keeps on turning. This week I … Continue reading

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