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Are You “Serious”?

The Romans put it this way: de gustibus non disputandum est. In English, “There’s no arguing over matters of taste.” Of course, we often engage in such arguments, even though doing so is pointless. My thoughts about this were triggered … Continue reading

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Something’s Happening Here (and You Don’t Know What It Is)

Sooner or later, if you’re a musician and if you live long enough, you’ll start to notice that the music the kids are playing is confusing, ugly, and stupid. This happened, I’m sure, to musicians who had been active in … Continue reading

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Symphony Jam

Last week I had a longish conversation with the fellow who will be the new principal cellist this fall for the Livermore Symphony. He’s a much better cellist than I am — to the point where he’s lowering himself a … Continue reading

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Little Boxes

Q: Why aren’t kids taught how to make their own music? A: Because adults don’t know how to teach them. Most adults don’t make their own music, and they don’t think making your own music is important. Of the few … Continue reading

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Bubble Boy

Lately I’ve been feeling as if I’m living in a bubble, or on a stage set — as if my life isn’t quite real. For a while I was thinking this is because I have no family. But while that … Continue reading

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Paint Me a Picture

I have a number of friends who are amateur classical musicians. Some of them are quite accomplished — but it always astonishes me that they can’t improvise. I mean, how can you not improvise? It doesn’t really astonish me, though. … Continue reading

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Modulation Done Right

In implementation, thinking through the details of how your users will want to use a feature can make a huge difference. Today’s details will be of interest to nobody but musicians who use Propellerhead Reason. One of Propellerhead’s optional add-on … Continue reading

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