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Tonight I tossed another hundred or so older issues of music magazines into the recycling bin. I’ve kept my complete collection of Keyboard, strictly for sentimental reasons, but what’s the point of boxing up and carrying around old issues of … Continue reading

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Trapped in Amber

In a couple of weeks I’ll be moving, so I’ve been putting my books in boxes. 45 boxes. I got down to the Z’s in the science fiction section, and box 44 was full, and the Roger Zelazny novels were … Continue reading

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Picture Yourself Playing Cello

My new book for beginning cellists is due to arrive in bookstores at the beginning of April. Here’s a low-tech home-brew video in which I talk about the book: The book is written mostly for folks who are new to … Continue reading

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Market Madness

I’m a pragmatist. In evaluating ideas about how our social and economic life might be structured, I do my best to be guided by the results — either observed results, or the results that seem, in my judgment, to be … Continue reading

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More Green Reflections

As I read Chris Hedges’s insightful and frightening book The Death of the Liberal Class, I’m continuing to ask myself, “What’s to be done?” A question that is just as apropos, if not more, is, “Why isn’t there a political … Continue reading

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Why Is the Green Party Irrelevant?

Recent events, in Wisconsin and elsewhere, have renewed my interest in the pox-ridden political landscape in the United States. I’m wondering whether, if I put my mind to it, I might actually be able to do some good. It’s not … Continue reading

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Glow in the Dark

As high-tech teams in Japan rush to avert meltdowns of several nuclear power plants, I find myself wondering: Who decided that it was safe to build nuclear reactors in such an earthquake-prone area? Were the people living within 50 miles … Continue reading

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