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Working my way through Sheri Tepper’s The True Game. It’s a big novel, and for a week or so I was bogged down in the middle, but then I thought, okay, I’ll try reading one or two more chapters. It … Continue reading

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Driver, Putter, Wedge

Since almost nobody actually reads my blog, I figured I’d tell the whole¬†story without too much tiptoeing through the tulips. The story is, I’ve been asked to write a review of the new Steinberg/Yamaha music production suite for Keyboard, and … Continue reading

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I’ve been thinking I’d like to teach a class this fall in writing interactive fiction. The public library doesn’t seem to be interested, so my next thought was to rent classroom space at the local arts center. This center is … Continue reading

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Talking with a friend today about compassion. Her view is probably closer to Tibetan Buddhism than mine. Seems to me compassion ultimately boils down to an awareness of how it all is. By “all,” I mean life, death, the universe, … Continue reading

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Things Being What They Are

Today a question came up on about writing descriptions of objects. I realized I had some slightly more than half-baked ideas about this. Here’s how I look at it, in a nutshell: 1) Visualize the object clearly. Notice the … Continue reading

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In theory, I have a filing system. In practice, stuff tends to pile up. Especially in the region of my desk. Receipts for things that I no longer remember buying. An opened package of D batteries. A printed-out copy of … Continue reading

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Metaphors Be with You

Lately I’ve been feeling rather at loose ends. Adrift. Unfocussed. Craving something, but unsure what it is. And there you have four different metaphors with which to describe an internal condition that does not in fact partake of any of … Continue reading

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