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In Praise of Socialism

The term “socialism” is sometimes used as an insult. Typically this tactic is used by those who feel that they’re strong supporters of freedom. They have been told, and have allowed themselves to become convinced, that socialism is the enemy … Continue reading

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Rescue Operation

This is not — repeat, not — an anti-Yamaha rant. In my experience, the folks at Yamaha operate in a consistently ethical and reasonable manner. At the moment I’m wrestling with their gear and feeling quite frustrated, but the fact … Continue reading

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Whip It Out

Back in the early ’70s I played in two or three bands. Did a lot of gigging, made a little money, had a bunch of neat experiences. Both of the bands that I was most involved with were composed of … Continue reading

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Because They Can

I have insurance covering my musical instruments through Clarion Associates in New York. I’ve had it for a number of years. If you’re a pro, you need coverage through a specialty company like Clarion. The big companies (State Farm and … Continue reading

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Beware of the Trolls

A couple of pieces I’ve posted this week drew fire from someone aptly named Null. I took the trouble to respond to his comments, but the process quickly grew annoying. I won’t be letting anything further from him remain on … Continue reading

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Move On … But Where?

Had a look at this morning. As usual, I like everything on their site. They’re totally on the money. It’s what I didn’t see that’s disturbing. I didn’t see a speck of leadership. Dissecting the bad guys is an … Continue reading

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Prominent Scientists

A little while ago I deleted a comment from Null, who took exception to my assertion that global warming is an established fact. Now I’m wishing I hadn’t. The WordPress dashboard doesn’t seem to keep trash — when it’s gone, … Continue reading

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Republicanism Explained

For a long time I’ve been puzzled by how anybody could possibly vote for the Republicans, or take their party seriously. Yesterday, in one of those chit-chat sessions you get into on Facebook, the other shoe dropped. I now understand … Continue reading

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Whee, the People

Somebody ought to go up to Capitol Hill and knock those idiots’ heads together. The Republican Party is a gang of vicious thugs. The Democrats are slightly less vicious, but just as unprincipled and just as corrupt. There’s a great … Continue reading

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Logic and Faith

Ultimately, religious faith is irrational. Faith is the belief in things that cannot be (or in any case haven’t been) proven. Beyond that, we all float in a vast sea of things that we “take on faith” — things that … Continue reading

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