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What’s Plot, What’s Not

This week I’m struggling with the 3rd draft of the novel I thought I had finished last summer. Hah! Foolish author. Major rewrites are ongoing. I think maybe today I learned something about plot. My young heroine certainly has a … Continue reading

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I’ll Just Leave This Here…

I don’t want to email my minister about this. She’s new, I’ve already been disagreeable to her once, and I already mentioned the current topic to her (in a nice way) a couple of weeks ago. What I told her … Continue reading

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Have you ever read a novel that was both wonderful and annoying, and also both wholly original and unashamedly derivative? Welcome to The Starless Sea. I had been waiting for Erin Morgenstern’s next book for quite some time, as have … Continue reading

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The Trouble with Analysis

No, I’m not talking about psychoanalysis; this is about physics. And I’m not a physicist, so I may be wildly off-base. I’m strictly an amateur armchair physics aficionado (AAPA for short). But I do think about stuff. In electronic music, … Continue reading

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Truth or Consequences

The shenanigans in the Senate over the past couple of weeks illustrate starkly one uncomfortable fact: We live in a post-truth world. The truth does not matter anymore. All that matters are money and power. If you have money and/or … Continue reading

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