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Legacy Problems

My parents did a lot of stuff. They’re gone now, but some of the stuff lingers on. I have 20 large paintings that my father did — a few from the ’50s, most from the ’70s. That’s only a fraction … Continue reading

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Reality? Irrelevant.

Pardon me while I fumble around a little. I’m trying to understand something that is fundamentally at odds with anything that I would normally concede as being possible. I may have to toss out a few untested hypotheses. I’d certainly … Continue reading

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Concerning Stuff

Pardon me while I whine for a minute. I’m having a luxury problem here, and it’s driving me bats. I live in a four-bedroom house. Just me, no inconvenient family underfoot. But yet, I don’t have enough room for my … Continue reading

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Among the news flashes this morning, I read a report that the Heartland Institute, a Libertarian-leaning think tank in Chicago, is funding the development of a K-12 “science” curriculum that will tout the non-existent “controversy” over global warming. The Heartland … Continue reading

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Workflow in a DAW

I have too much music software. The good part about this is, when I think about how I might want to write and record a piece of music, I can contemplate various options in detailed ways. At present, my main … Continue reading

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Ripped from the Headlines

Sometimes … well, fairly often … I despair of the world I live in. Sometimes I get mad. Today’s bulletins included a story about a Tennessee legislator who defended low pay for teachers on the grounds that teaching is a … Continue reading

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Baby, Look at You Now…

I’ve tended to ignore the ongoing assaults on women’s reproductive rights. As abhorrent as these efforts are, they haven’t moved me to take action. (But then, very little does.) Today’s bulletin about how the breast cancer people (“Susan G. Komen … Continue reading

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