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Painful Truths

Recently a friend posted a story about how, in an English class somewhere, the teacher was reading aloud from To Kill a Mockingbird, and how the use of the word “nigger” in a passage in the novel was painful for … Continue reading

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Are Good Intentions Enough?

If you aspire to be a writer, you will need to learn correct spelling, punctuation, grammar, and word usage. There, I said it. A surprising number of people consider this proposition outrageous. “You can hire an editor!” they shout. (On … Continue reading

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Synthesizers will spoil you. That’s one of the possible answers to today’s pressing question. There are other possible answers. I love microtonal music. There are many, many interesting tuning systems, and my piano, as lovely as it is, only does … Continue reading

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Not Yer Grandma’s Minimoog

If you’ve been around electronic music for a couple of decades, as I have, you may perhaps be forgiven for thinking you know what synthesizers do, and how to use them. But the world keeps on turning. This week I … Continue reading

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Sound in Motion

Music is a much nicer thing to write about than religion, so let’s get back to it without delay, shall we? I try to avoid buying new bits of music software, because I already have too many great devices, but … Continue reading

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Dreams of Destiny

The trouble with religion is that it’s backwards. If you’re religiously inclined, you start with a pre-ordained set of answers and then try earnestly to distort whatever you’re seeing so that it will lead you to the answers you’ve already … Continue reading

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Delusions Great & Small

Richard Dawkins is a magnet to whom polarized opinions are irresistibly drawn. For those who are spiritually inclined (whatever that means), Dawkins’s unstinting attacks on religion can be deeply disturbing. Such people seem, in many cases, to feel a need … Continue reading

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Music as Property

In most parts of the world, and in European/American culture until about 200 years ago, music was not something that could be owned. Musical traditions were freely shared among musicians. If you heard a troubadour play a particular tune, and … Continue reading

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The X

Few things in life are as much fun as exploring the features of a new synthesizer. Assuming the feature set is deep, of course. I’ve seen pretty much everything, so I sometimes measure out my excitement with coffee spoons, if … Continue reading

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Stop the World, I Want to Get Off…

The story was behind a paywall, so I didn’t read it, but the headline got me thinking. Apparently a professor in the music department at some university in England has resigned in protest at the retooling of the music curriculum … Continue reading

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