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Concatenatin’ Keys

Thanks to software-based synthesis, composing and recording microtonal music is easier today than it has ever been. Ever. Like, in the history of the human race. Playing microtonal music remains a great deal more difficult. The tricky bit is, you … Continue reading

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Emotional Infrastructure

I have a wonderful idea. There’s a major creative project that I would love to undertake. It would be expensive (but I can afford it). It would be time-consuming (but I have plenty of time). It would require great technical … Continue reading

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The Anthropoid’s Dilemma

What makes life meaningful? Broadly speaking, I think there are two answers to that question: The things we do, and other people. Because we’re anthropoid apes, we’re social creatures. We evolved in small social groups, so we’re keenly attuned to … Continue reading

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Nasty Fairies

The music I’ve been composing lately is … a little strange. It occurred to me that I might find great sources of inspiration in fantasy novels. There are some wonderful books out there! But I’ll save my summer reading list … Continue reading

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Black, with Cream and Sugar

Non-stationary art got a big boost in 1930, When Alexander Calder invented the mobile. Now that the computer is ubiquitous, the possibilities for non-stationary art — interactive or simply involving unpredictable and non-repeating motion — are staggering. Okay, computer screens … Continue reading

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D Is for Dribble

I read a lot of mystery novels. Like most mystery fans, I have authors whom I follow faithfully. When I give up on an author, it’s usually because their books have too much soap opera about the detective, and not … Continue reading

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Open-source hardware? You bet. Create Digital Music, though primarily a blog, is a partner in the MeeBlip project. The most recent article on CDM features some demo videos showing what people are doing with MeeBlip. This little box seems (I … Continue reading

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