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More Hands-Free Wiggling

Do I really need the big, expensive box with all the knobs on it? Or will Csound do the job? This morning I challenged myself to create something resembling a step sequence that might be produced by an analog modular … Continue reading

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Look, Ma — No Knobs

I have an enduring fondness for analog modular synthesis. With its beckoning cornucopia of knobs, patch cords, and blinky lights, a big modular system is a kind of playground for grownups. And the modular synthesizer scene is booming right now. … Continue reading

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Style as Social Construct

Musicians and listeners alike have individual tastes in musical style. One person loves classical and can’t abide jazz — another digs jazz and falls asleep at classical concerts. One person is committed to death metal, another detests it but loves … Continue reading

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Temper, Temper

I’ve composed upwards of a dozen pieces using microtonal equal temperaments — dividing the octave into 17 steps, or 19, or 20, or 31. What I like about these tunings, beyond the fact that you can modulate freely, is that … Continue reading

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More Modular Madness

Yesterday brought an announcement that Sound Transform Systems is offering a new module for the Serge. It’s called Kracken (yes, that’s bad spelling — it should be Kraken). It looks insanely cool. Sound Transform has no web presence, but you … Continue reading

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