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Many Mysteries

The mystery genre is hugely popular. Just about any type of story you’d enjoy, you can find on the mystery shelves. The trick is finding something that fits your tastes. There are sub-genres: cozies, thrillers, historical, police procedural, and so … Continue reading

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This afternoon I completed the file conversion process and uploaded my new novel to Amazon KDP. …and now, a few days later, it’s live! (Check it out. You are going to buy a copy, I’m sure. And maybe a few … Continue reading

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There’s No Place Like Home

The discovery of planets orbiting other stars continues apace. Science nerds love this stuff, but I’ve come to find it very silly and more than a little disturbing. The theory that our own planetary system developed out of a cloud … Continue reading

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Tune Time

If you play music, everybody wants to know what kind of music you play. Classical? Bluegrass? Prog rock? It’s wearisome. Saying, “I just do whatever pleases me,” is true, but it doesn’t provide much in the way of information. Some … Continue reading

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A Mixed Bag

Should our enjoyment of the wonderful things in life lead us to neglect the dangers posed by the bad things? Should our fear of the bad things lead us to lose all enjoyment of the good things? I’m sure life … Continue reading

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Cool Hand Luke

So I shared on Facebook one of those cartoons that lampoons a few of the more glaring absurdities in the Bible. One of my FB friends, who is a devout Lutheran, felt that he needed to point out that many … Continue reading

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From time to time, moved by an impulse that’s nearly as obscure as dark matter, I find myself writing a text adventure game. Over the years I’ve written and released half a dozen of them, the first in 1999 and … Continue reading

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Art à la Carte

There is a school of thought that would insist that great art embodies powerful human emotions, and perhaps as a corollary that the greatest art is that which conveys human emotions most powerfully, that a work of art that fails … Continue reading

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Cover Story II

When someone puts up a web page showing off their portfolio of gorgeous book cover designs, and when they’re charging copious amounts of money to design your cover for you, you’d think you’d get a beautiful cover, first crack out … Continue reading

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The Cover Story

Okay, so you’re writing fiction. After being ignored by a few literary agents (or maybe more than a few), you’ve decided that self-publishing is the way to go. This is likely to be a sensible choice, for several reasons. You’ll … Continue reading

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