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Diversionary Tactics

When my brain is idling, it sometimes drifts off in the direction of chess. I’m a lousy chess player, probably because I’ve never spent any time studying the intricacies of the game. Studying chess is a cumbersome process, because you … Continue reading

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Don’t Stop

Today I have a free tip for anyone who aspires to write novels with plots. But first a little digression. Ten years ago I wrote a fantasy novel called The Leafstone Shield. It was much too long, and not serious … Continue reading

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Community orchestras are a semi-wonderful thing. Over the past 15 years I’ve played in four or five of them at different times. Served as principal cellist in a couple. After tonight’s concert, I think I may be done. Not because … Continue reading

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I keep thinking this tune is finished, and then I massage it some more. Okay, it’s smooth jazz, more or less — sorry about that. I didn’t mean it, honest, it just happened. And no odd tunings this time. The … Continue reading

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I’m with Stupid

Today I’ve been poking around on the Web, looking for interesting new music. Hoping to be inspired, basically. No luck, so far. There’s a vast wasteland out there. Granted, my points of reference are perhaps terra incognita to your average … Continue reading

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More or Less Real

Physicists describe the universe, or attempt to, using systems of equations. In order to create accurate descriptions, the equations make use of certain numerical constants — things like the speed of light and the strength of gravity. What’s odd about … Continue reading

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