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Playing Games

If you think of checkers, Monopoly, and Parcheesi when I mention board games, you’re going to be amazed. Starting in January, I’ll be hosting a twice-a-month board game afternoon here in Livermore. We’ll be playing a few (and maybe more … Continue reading

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Bad Chess

The play in classic board games like chess and go tends to be purely strategic. There’s no random element. Card games, on the other hand, always involve an element of luck. The deck is shuffled, so the deal is random. … Continue reading

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Grains of Sand

A friend of mine is boycotting Amazon. His reasons for doing so seem unimpeachable. I’ve read that Amazon abuses its workers, and I’m sure that’s true. Local businesses suffer when people buy online. Amazon founder Jeff Bezos is obscenely rich, … Continue reading

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