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Online Interview

Through the wonders of digital technology, I was “interviewed” (via email) on the subject of a story called “Run! Run!”, which is in the Sept. issue of Fantasy & Science Fiction. Phenomenal magazine — buy many copies. Send them to … Continue reading

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Bought a New Mac

Bought a new MacBook Pro today. I may be able to warm up to it. You can switch on PC-style tapping of the trackpad in order to click, which is a Really Good Thing. And when I hooked up the … Continue reading

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Why I Like Government

The other night a conservative friend asserted more or less baldly that the government has no legitimate function other than national defense. When I said, “The government has many¬†legitimate functions,” my friend snapped, “Name two!” I can name a lot … Continue reading

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The Coal Mine

Working for a living is¬†interfering with my lifestyle. For the past six years I’ve been living with my mother, who is now 86. Her 4-bedroom suburban house is not really big enough for both of us (in several different senses). … Continue reading

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Rejection letters — gotta love ’em. In this morning’s mail was a polite, personal rejection from an editor of a major sf/fantasy zine, I’m not going to say which one. This editor has bought my work in the recent past, … Continue reading

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Who’s Minding the Store?

After yesterday’s post on how to defeat Calif. Prop. 8, I started wondering why I should hide my bits of alleged wisdom under a bushel basket. Why not share these ideas with others? So I went hunting for websites where … Continue reading

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