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You’re So Special (Not)

I have a Facebook friend who is a sincere and very loving Christian. He likes to post inspirational messages. If perchance he posts something I can agree with, I make a point of telling him so. I would never get … Continue reading

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Skip the Voltage

Here’s the hard truth about analog modular synthesizers. As much as I’m attracted to them, they’re sorely limited in all sorts of ways. Also expensive. For the last few days, while working with the Buchla Skylab, I’ve been contemplating what … Continue reading

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A Reasonable Debate

Today I got embroiled in one of those pointless, demeaning, infuriating political discussions on Facebook. I can usually hold my own, but I started to feel ganged up on. There were three of them and only one of me, so … Continue reading

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This Is Your Brain on Voltage

Details are still being fine-tuned, but it appears I’m going to be writing the manual for the Buchla Skylab. Calling this instrument a compact, high-density system would be a bit of an understatement. True, the output module is pretty much … Continue reading

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Hardware Junkie

Recently I’ve been lusting after a modular analog synthesizer. Seriously lusting. For a long-time advocate and champion of music software, this may seem an odd obsession. But perhaps it’s not quite as odd as it seems. We can think of … Continue reading

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Just about everything in my life is very pleasant and satisfying, except that I have nobody to share it with. For most of my adult life, I’ve lived alone. The reasons for this are complex, and need not detain us. … Continue reading

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When Computers Go Bad

This week my main music production software, Image-Line FL Studio, has started crashing. It crashes (sometimes, but not always) when I try to load the piece I’m working on, and usually takes the computer down with it. Twice this week … Continue reading

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Music is supposed to be profound and deeply moving, right? And intellectually challenging, too, that’s essential. Uhh, maybe not always. Sometimes you need a little bubble gum. Or I do, anyway. This morning, while poking around on my backup hard … Continue reading

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