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Inform: Not Ready for Prime Time

I’ve tried. Honestly, I have. My latest project is 95% finished, almost ready for testing. I’ve been at it for several months. And I’m not a dunce. I’ve completed and released three or four other text-based games, written in Inform … Continue reading

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A Penny Saved

I’ve hit a really annoying pothole in my 95%-finished game. This is my first try at using the Inform 7 programming language. If you’ve just joined the party, Inform 7 is a radical new design tool for writing text-based games, … Continue reading

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Shake It Up

I grabbed Neal Stephenson’s fat new novel, Anathem, off of the hot-items one-week-loan table at the local public library. I guess I’m just not in tune with modern SF. I waded through about 50 pages and found it extremely dull. … Continue reading

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Automatic Pilot

I’ve been re-reading a couple of books by neurologist Oliver Sacks — The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat and An Anthropologist on Mars. What I get out of Sacks is an appreciation of the stunning complexity (and … Continue reading

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Cello Lessons

I’ve been posting an ad for my cello teaching business on the local craigslist. Another fellow, Peter Metcalf, is also advertising cello lessons. He may be a wonderful teacher and a fine musician; I’ve never met him or watched him … Continue reading

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Inform vs. TADS

After writing several text-based games in TADS 3, I decided to try Inform 7. As I roll into the final stages of writing an I7 game, it’s time for me to evaluate the experience. If I should happen to write … Continue reading

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Steady As She Goes

The shrinking of the global economy has a lot of people feeling gloomy. Today we learned that auto sales are down worldwide by 20%. But you know what? That’s not bad news; that’s good news. Automobiles are a dreadful waste … Continue reading

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Dead Zone

I’d love to find some good local musicians to play with. Unfortunately, the Livermore/Pleasanton area seems to be pretty much a dead zone musically. The most dynamic venue in the valley seems to be … Borders, the bookstore-with-a-coffee-house chain. Googling … Continue reading

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Pop Culcha

Just finished reading the new Michael Connelly, The Brass Verdict. It’s as good as his other books. The guy is amazing — he doesn’t miss a trick. The surprises at the end were maybe a little over the top, but … Continue reading

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The Key

I haven’t been writing much about music technology for the past few months. The magazines are getting skinny, so I haven’t had many calls — but also, I’m feeling pretty bored with the whole subject. Another sequencer? Another workstation keyboard? … Continue reading

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