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Sad for the Pad

Some of the new music software for the iPad is amazing. So why am I feeling grouchy and irritable? Thanks for asking. After spending a week or two poking around at various apps, using an Alesis iO Dock II as … Continue reading

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Indemnification Blues

I fuckin’ hate lawyers. Twice this week, I have looked at legal documents that include blanket indemnification clauses. One was a contract presented to freelance writers by one of the magazines for which I’m a semi-regular contributor. The other was … Continue reading

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Oh, Henry…

I haven’t had any personal contact with Henry (no last name will be revealed here) since 1972, but he showed up on Facebook last year, so he has been seeing my posts there. Henry was apparently dealt a body blow … Continue reading

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Simply Smashing

Francis Bacon (1561-1626) was one of the leading thinkers at the beginning of the scientific revolution. Bacon recommended forcing nature to give up its secrets; the Latin term he used was natura vexata (nature vexed). This technique is immensely useful, … Continue reading

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Too Many Synthesizers

I’m perpetually looking for opportunities to write about synthesizers and related technologies. Not just because I love playing with new toys (though that’s part of it). I also like letting other people know what’s worth checking out. Maybe along the … Continue reading

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Mad for the Pad

I’m pretty familiar with a wide range of music software, especially in Windows, but a lot of it is cross-platform, so the Mac scene is not too different. In the past two years, though, there has been a total explosion … Continue reading

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