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Doctor, Please — Some More of These

Getting old is a messy, messy business. This is the dark side of modern medical science. People who would once have expired after a few days or weeks of misery can now live on for years. At a certain point, … Continue reading

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Those Darn Ivories

Normally I avoid making fun of the writing of non-native speakers of English. But this is so good I had to share it. I was googling around, looking at posts on piano playing as a hobby, and I found this … Continue reading

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After They’ve Seen Paree

I’ve been working on a new interactive fiction story/game for a few weeks, but I’m starting to lose interest in going on with it. It’s a contemporary dark fantasy on a theme from Greek mythology, and it’s not without points of interest. … Continue reading

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Playing the Piano for Pleasure

Most days, I spend an hour or so playing the piano. I started learning as an adult, so my technique is fairly limited, but I’m accomplished enough to enjoy playing a variety of music — Bach preludes and fugues, sonatas … Continue reading

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Notes vs. Process

As a hobbyist-level computer programmer, I find Csound very attractive. As a composer, I find Csound almost impossibly balky and difficult to use. The key difference is, I’m an old-school composer. My music is made of notes, which are deployed in … Continue reading

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In Search of Meaning

As we get older, the prospect that we will accomplish great things in the future begins to recede. Because I have no family, much of my enjoyment in life comes from accomplishing things. I long ago gave up my plans for great … Continue reading

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Shall We Tense?

I’m thinking about recasting the IF story I’m working on, switching from second person, present tense to third person, past tense. I wish I was sure what would be best. The story is less than half written, but even so, it’s a … Continue reading

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