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Shearing Sheep

While working at Keyboard, I did a number of interviews with well-known artists. Usually over the phone, because I don’t fly. George Shearing told me a story when I interviewed him, a story that struck me this morning as apropos. … Continue reading

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Music & Witchcraft

Last night I started re-reading Truth or Dare, a book of politics, spirituality, and magic written by San Francisco witch Starhawk. The book is kind of a mishmash, but she has some awarenesses that are worth mulling over. It’s been … Continue reading

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Local Musicians & Ringers

Now and then I play in the Livermore-Amador Symphony. I try not to make a habit of it, but I’ve done about four concerts with them, so I may as well admit I’m a part-time member. (But see the Footnote, … Continue reading

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Things Fall Apart

A week ago, my PC had no trouble sending audio to the Yamaha Motif via Yamaha’s mLAN (firewire) connector. It had been working flawlessly for a year or so, ever since I acquired the Motif. But then something bad happened. … Continue reading

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Money & Community Service

I can think of lots of wonderful things I could do to enhance (if only a little) the lives of people in my community. I could give free concerts. I could teach stuff to kids at the library after school. … Continue reading

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Dongle Dangle

Doing the technology shuffle this week. I’m reviewing Spectrasonics Omnisphere — possibly the most anticipated software release of the year — for Keyboard. And they want to get it in the earliest available issue. So I have this deadline. Omnisphere … Continue reading

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Those Zany Statins

Doing a little online research into statins. I’ve become very suspicious, not only of the possible role of statins in my own problems, but of the medical establishment (in my case, Kaiser Permanente) that prescribes them so blithely. I’ve had … Continue reading

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