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The Hazards of Sea Travel

Strip away the veneer of civilized society, and as you near the human heart you find something much darker. William Golding explored that theme most famously in Lord of the Flies, which most of us read in high school. I … Continue reading

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No Exit

What if you had no alternative but to live out your life in the very narrow, unsatisfying society you were born into? Oops, that pretty much describes the human condition, doesn’t it? By that measure, Robert Silverberg’s novel The World … Continue reading

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Whimsy or Flimsy?

One advantage of having all of my books in boxes for the past two weeks (while moving) was that I kept one book out to read. Ordinarily, I might not have had the patience to slog clear through to the … Continue reading

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Advertising Corrupts

For more than 25 years, I worked as an editor at a monthly magazine. My entire salary was paid, ultimately, by advertisers. It would be churlish of me to bite the hand that fed me. And yet, the destructive effects … Continue reading

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The Storytelling Impulse

Writing stories is fun. I’ve done a fair amount of it over the years, and have enjoyed a very modest bit of success. Nestled among the successes, however, have been … let’s not call them failures. Let’s say, there were … Continue reading

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