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Cave Dwellers

Every author of fiction is an amateur psychologist. Fiction is about people, and except by an unlikely accident our stories and novels can be no better than our understanding of human nature. All human beings look at the world through … Continue reading

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Morality Unraveled

If you ever wonder why we are the way we are, I recommend reading Robert Wright’s fascinating book The Moral Animal. Wright lucidly explains the insights of the emerging science of evolutionary psychology. It’s more than a little disheartening to see one’s grand … Continue reading

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Tiny Revelations

Sometimes the unconscious will solve a problem you didn’t even know you had. For a month or more, I’ve been gradually learning the Clementi Sonata in F# Minor. (I’m a very slow learner.) This sonata is my first exposure to … Continue reading

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Public & Private Faces

I’ve never read anything on the differing psychological characteristics of various cultures and historical periods. I’ll bet it’s a fascinating field of study. But I’ve been reflecting a bit on the Victorian era. I suspect that this period — the late 19th … Continue reading

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Chicken Man

This is a story about the power of positive reinforcement. I no longer remember who told me the story — possibly it was my friend Aishala, whose brother knew the participants. In any event, it has the ring of truth. … Continue reading

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