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Irreducible Complexity

I love the idea of interactive fiction — that the author can create a tiny model world in which literally anything might happen, a world that readers have to actively engage with in order to discover its secrets. You can … Continue reading

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Do You Know Where Your Limbs Are?

One of the annoyances of being over 60 — and it can range from trivial all the way to fatal — is that your arms and legs aren’t always where you expect them to be. Maybe you’re walking. Maybe you’re … Continue reading

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If it was easy, everybody would do it. That’s a motto that I’ve found to apply to quite a lot of human endeavors. Playing the cello, certainly — but also putting together a portable, yet highly functional workstation for playing … Continue reading

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Keys and Buttons

Gee, it sure would be nice if I had a workstation set up for playing microtonal music! I can play the music, sort of, with my PC and a conventional MIDI keyboard, but the latter is way less than ideal. … Continue reading

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The Theory of 31

The theory of harmony in 12-note equal temperament is pretty interesting, and not terribly complicated. (I’ve written a book about it, in fact — Chords & Harmony is available from Hal Leonard Publishing.) Being able to talk about how chords … Continue reading

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More About Tunings

Thanks to the improved workflow in QuteCsound, it’s getting easier to experiment with alternate tuning systems. Also, I’ve learned a couple of tricks for organizing Csound scores. While enjoying the pure sounds of just intonation, I’ve been realizing that I … Continue reading

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