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Rand Idolatry

Conservatives have been expressing appreciation lately for the ideas of Ayn Rand. Rand was a second-rate novelist with an axe to grind. Her family had lost everything in the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917, and she purely hated communism. Her mature … Continue reading

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Win or Lose

Back in the early ’80s, I used to play pool with a guy named Dave Williamson. We would drive down to a nearby pool hall and play 8-ball while eating lunch. Dave was Keyboard’s advertising director, and a very competitive … Continue reading

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Fantasy Unchained

I’ve written seven novels. The first two were published; the other five haven’t been. Three of those five my agent (who I guess is now my former agent, more or less) declined even to try to market. He didn’t feel … Continue reading

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Eye Candy

Last night I watched the first half of Avatar on DVD. I’m not sure I’ll watch the second half. It’s visually stunning, of course. Breathtaking. But the story … feh. For starters, there’s the unobtainium. Terrible name for a mineral … Continue reading

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Lifestyles & Looks

For the most part, I enjoy my life. It wouldn’t suit everybody, but it suits me. I play classical music on piano and cello. I compose strange electronic music in my computer. I write magazine articles, fiction, and even an … Continue reading

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