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I wish I was a real programmer. There’s a project I’d like to tackle, but it would take me years and drive me bonkers. I can handle basic programming concepts well enough to write interactive fiction, but my games use … Continue reading

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Mouse Club

My mother had a mouse living in her garage, so she went out and bought a trap. Granted, mice can carry various diseases. Also, it got into a bag of seed for the bird-feeder and made a mess.¬†And what if … Continue reading

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Danger Signals

The parallels between Germany in the 1920s and early 1930s and the United States today are inexact, certainly, but they’re cause for concern. After World War I, Germany was a shambles. Unemployment was high, national morale low, the government ineffective. … Continue reading

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Turning Readers into Players

We’d all like to see a lot more people playing and enjoying interactive fiction. The question is, how do we move in that direction? Okay, maybe “all” is an overstatement. I’m sure there are a few people who enjoy being … Continue reading

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Boys Behaving Badly

So I’m stopped at a stop light, along with several other vehicles, and in the rear-view mirror I see a guy walking forward down the line of cars behind me. (Well, actually they were mostly pickup trucks, a fact that … Continue reading

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It’s Not About You

I’ve been contemplating the fact that I enjoy writing interactive fiction more than I enjoy playing it. Designing my own model world, and then working through the challenges of implementing it, is fun. All too often, the games I play … Continue reading

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A Quick I6 Tip: Local Routine Arrays

I know, I know — most IF authors could care less about Inform 6. But this is kind of cool, so I thought I’d share it with anyone who actually does still use I6. You can create local arrays of … Continue reading

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