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Moving Target

I may be about to buy a new laptop PC. Trouble is, there are a lot of factors to think about. Many ways to go wrong, leading to hours or days of headache and possibly large amounts of wasted money. … Continue reading

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That Was Then

I prefer not to spend a lot of time hanging out in the past. Or rather, I tend to be very selective about it. On your first visit to my back yard, I will quite likely mention to you that … Continue reading

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Take Two

Revisiting the past can be enlightening, or at least educational. Twenty years ago, when synthesizers were hardware and the most advanced music computer around was an Atari ST (which had a whole meg of RAM), I wrote and recorded a … Continue reading

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Writerly Assumptions

Writing historical fiction is uniquely challenging, not only because of the need to research countless details but because it can be so difficult to truly enter into the mind of someone whose view of the world is, in some ways, … Continue reading

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Music Spoken Here

Most music, with the exception of a certain type of dogmatically free improvisation and the later works of John Cage, consists of sound that is organized in some perceptible manner. We can speak intelligently of the organization, whatever it happens … Continue reading

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Opinions — Everybody’s Got One

Recently I seem to have been offending people. A few more than usual, anyway. The problem, in a nutshell, is this: I say what I think. Sometimes I go to the trouble of displaying my thoughts within a framework of … Continue reading

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Fabulous Conspiracies

This weekend I got interested in the “9/11 Truth” movement. Watched a couple of video presentations. To be sure, there are all kinds of people in this movement, ranging from flying saucer nuts to Ph.D. engineers. I was looking at … Continue reading

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