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Structure and Meaning in Experimental Music

First, a brief stroll through history. When multitrack tape recording became affordable in the late 1970s, it became practical for the first time for musicians who didn’t have a band not only to compose music but to hear what they … Continue reading

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Not Being Trendy

Pop music has always been about trends — either setting a trend or following one. Partly this is for reasons of finance: In order to stay in business, a record company has to purvey predictable platters. Most listeners, be they … Continue reading

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Blind Alley

When my cello is making funny noises, I like to remind myself of the adage, “It’s a poor workman who blames his tools.” On the other hand, when I finally got around to getting my bow rehaired, the squeaky noises … Continue reading

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Mood Swings

I could never do an album of ambient or new age music. Often I start a new piece with a quiet, reflective, dreamy intro … and then about two minutes later the drums and bass come piling in. I like … Continue reading

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Fleshing It Out

The creative process is mysterious, but Rule #1 is, follow your nose. Go with the flow. Do the next indicated thing. Sometimes you may have a fairly definite outcome in mind, sometimes not. Even if you think you know where … Continue reading

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