Head Hurts Now

Stumbled onto a website for writers. It’s called Writer Unboxed. A sort of super-blog with many contributors as well as two co-founders and two assistant editors. Wow, what a great resource!

Uh, let me get back to you on that.

The list of founders, editors, and contributors is nicely displayed in the right-hand column. I had a look. Of the first eleven people I checked, only one (one of the co-founders) has actually published a novel. What’s worse, a couple of them are in the how-to-write-fiction business but haven’t published novels.

I’m not disparaging the content of the site, which I’ve barely glanced at. But the phrase “the halt leading the blind” does rather leap at one, doesn’t it?

My chore for this afternoon is to check out authors’ websites so as to scrape up some tips on how to set up my own. (My current website, musicwords.net, is extremely moldy. Don’t even go there.) Guess I’ll have to look elsewhere for real writers — Unboxed does seem to mean Unboxed. As in, not shipped to bookstores.

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