In the Lurch

One of the things I like about microtonal tunings is that their exotic flavor sort of invites you to try a few other unusual ideas as well. This piece is in 17-note equal temperament.

Both the melodic mode and the lopsided rhythm were inspired by a piece that was uploaded by one of the other participants in the Xenharmonic Alliance Facebook group. I no longer remember whose piece it was, but credit where due.

Bela Bartok wrote a piece called “Limping Dance,” so I couldn’t use that title. Instead, I think I’ll settle for “Lurching Dance.”

This was done in Cubase, with a variety of software synths — u-he Zebra, Cakewalk Z3ta, Camel Audio Alchemy, Rob Papen Predator and Blue, and KV331 SynthMaster. The drums are from Native Instruments Battery 3.

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2 Responses to In the Lurch

  1. DOA says:

    Liked the first half of the song. Could win by shortening the piece. To much repetition i think. It sounds little out of tune someplaces – but that may be how it its supposed to sound when it is 17-note equal temperament.

    • midiguru says:

      Thanks for the comment. I added a few more little variations to the current version (uploaded 9/22/13) to spice up the second half. I think of this as basically a peasant dance, though, so there is inevitably a basic stomp your feet repetitive rhythm — no help for that.

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