Networkin’ Coolness

A couple of readers of this blob suggested Remote Desktop Control as a way to circumvent an irritating problem I was having with computer ergonomics.

After a tiny bit of research, I downloaded TeamViewer, which is free to individuals, though pricey for businesses. I tested it by connecting my MacBook Pro to the wired router, and found that running the Windows machine from the Mac was a piece of cake.

So I popped for an $80 wireless router. Installation seems to have proceeded without a hitch (I still don’t trust this wireless stuff…). Tests indicate TeamViewer works just as well wirelessly, though it’s not quite as fast as wired. Since the program I want to use is mainly about typing text, a bit of time lag is not an issue.

Now I’m set: I can sit in my easy chair in the living room with my Mac on my lap and operate Windows software on the PC in the other room. Sometimes everything does work the way you hope it will.

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1 Response to Networkin’ Coolness

  1. Conrad says:

    Well, now that you’re set up, if you want to start a TADS 3 study group, let me know.


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