If you have a blog on wordpress, your browser will display a little arrow button at the upper right corner. This button takes you to a random blog. (Apparently non-bloggers don’t get such a button. At least it doesn’t show up in Firefox.)

Clicking on this button a few times is an educational experience. Assuming that “random” truly means random (not guaranteed), you quickly discover that almost all of the blogs on wordpress are either incredibly lame or dead. Just by the fact that I’m posting actual stuff, and in a literate manner, it appears I’m in the top 5% of blogs. Well, definitely the top 10%.

You’ve got your high-school and college students who post one entry and then nothing for six months, you’ve got blogs that have nothing on them but a post that says “test message,” you’ve got pages full of personal snapshots, lots of brand new blogs that were just started yesterday (see why I think “random” may not be truly random?)….

I guess people feel a need to connect with the world. So they have this impulse — “Hey, I’ll start a blog!”

There are roses blooming outside my window. If you truly want to connect with the world, go smell a rose. Compared to blogging, smelling a rose would have some lasting value.

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