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In today’s news, Elon Musk (a flagrant asshole) is defending Dilbert creator Scott Adams (also a flagrant asshole). Adams made some overtly racist remarks, as a result of which his once-popular comic strip is being dropped by a lot of … Continue reading

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I vs. We

Classical liberalism is the belief that the individual is, or ought to be, autonomous. “Liberal” means “free.” Liberals believe that, wherever possible, the individual ought to be free to make [his/her/their] own decisions and choose [his/her/their] own actions. As an … Continue reading

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The God Problem

Why does religion even exist? Lots of people are happy to offer answers to this question, but as Scott Atran points out in his book In Gods We Trust, those answers are really no better than just-so stories. They have … Continue reading

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Cast Out into the Wilderness

This is about community. Five years ago I joined the local Unitarian-Universalist church. I’ve never been even remotely religious, but I felt I needed to be part of a community. Several friends of mine had died over the preceding few … Continue reading

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Woke Joke

I’ve struggled to understand how the nice, well-meaning people in the Unitarian-Universalist Association could be so dangerously misguided. John McWhorter’s new book, Woke Racism, explains it. McWhorter’s thesis is that the adherents of “woke” anti-racism are practicing a new religion. … Continue reading

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Who Owns U?

The schism within Unitarian-Universalism continues to deepen. The UUA (Unitarian Universalist Association) has now sunk to a new low. You’ll find the details in last Sunday’s sermon by Todd Eklof; you can listen to it here, but for the benefit … Continue reading

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Whiners Being Picky

My local Unitarian-Universalist church sent out an email today announcing that they’ll be having “training” on “micro-aggressions.” The email I composed, but haven’t sent and probably won’t, because the people running the church just wouldn’t get it, goes like this: … Continue reading

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