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Space Is the Place

Saturday night. Decided to pig out. Watched three sci-fi movies streamed from Netflix — two Stargates and then Serenity for dessert. I’m using the pejorative term “sci-fi” advisedly. I’m not sure any of this qualifies as actual science fiction. Okay, … Continue reading

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Pandora Opens the Box

Off and on I’ve been listening to music at pandora.com. I’ve been knocked out by the selection of tracks and the ability to define my own playlists in a way that includes good surprises. Tonight, though, an audio commercial (for … Continue reading

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No News

I’ve been reading the San Francisco Chronicle since I was in sixth grade, which was in 1960. Most recently, while living with my mom, I read her paper every morning. But when I moved to my new house two weeks … Continue reading

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