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Immaterial World

The original forms of art made by our species were almost surely singing and dancing. And maybe body painting. Carving in wood and painting on cave walls would have come along later. We can easily see why the genes that … Continue reading

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Halma, Tell Us!

The game of Halma was invented in the 1880s. By today’s gaming standards it’s very old-school. The board is too large, and play with four players is bound to be rather tedious. You can read about it on wikipedia. It … Continue reading

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Games People Play

If you look at it from a certain angle, everything in life is a game. Ultimately you lose, but along the way you can have quite a lot of fun. For many people, the first rule of the game is, … Continue reading

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Playing Games

If you think of checkers, Monopoly, and Parcheesi when I mention board games, you’re going to be amazed. Starting in January, I’ll be hosting a twice-a-month board game afternoon here in Livermore. We’ll be playing a few (and maybe more … Continue reading

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Bad Chess

The play in classic board games like chess and go tends to be purely strategic. There’s no random element. Card games, on the other hand, always involve an element of luck. The deck is shuffled, so the deal is random. … Continue reading

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Always an Adventure

It must have been about 1979 when Jon Sievert (who belonged to a Kaypro users’ group, where floppy disks were passed around like candy — there was no such thing as copy-protection in those days) handed me a disk and … Continue reading

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