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French Fried

As the world turns…. Exactly a year ago, in this very blog, I was grousing about how hard it was to find an online course that teaches French the way I want to learn it. Sadly, nothing has changed, but … Continue reading

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Don’t Splash on Me

I’ve never properly learned a foreign language. Okay, I had three years of Latin in high school (from a not very adequate teacher, or maybe I just wasn’t paying attention) and a couple of quarters of German at UC Berkeley, … Continue reading

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Immersion Perversion

Good teachers are aware that not all students have identical learning styles. Visual vs. auditory, for instance. For the past ten days or so I’ve been starting to learn French using a free online system called duolingo. It has some … Continue reading

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…and now for something completely different.

What is it that excites — gratifies — engrosses you? Or, as we say, what blows your skirt up? This is a serious question, one that each of us can and should examine seriously. I get a charge out of … Continue reading

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