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Symphony Jam

Last week I had a longish conversation with the fellow who will be the new principal cellist this fall for the Livermore Symphony. He’s a much better cellist than I am — to the point where he’s lowering himself a … Continue reading

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Bubble Boy

Lately I’ve been feeling as if I’m living in a bubble, or on a stage set — as if my life isn’t quite real. For a while I was thinking this is because I have no family. But while that … Continue reading

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The Good Stuff

Sometimes a memory drifts up out of the remote past, and you’re struck by how directly it speaks to today’s concerns. In 1972, to begin this essay with what will turn out not to be¬†a digression, I was working for … Continue reading

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Talking about Music

Tonight’s email brought a bulletin from Electronic Musician. These emails are just junk, and I mostly just delete them, but this one caught my eye. The bulk of each eMusician XTRA email is, frankly,¬†repackaged press releases from manufacturers. This is … Continue reading

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