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Balancing Act

I’m a lousy chess player, but I’m endlessly intrigued by the game as a field of far-reaching possibilities. Not just for game-play, but as a source of ideas for game design. I’ve designed a few chess variants, and I’m not … Continue reading

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Unreality Check

Current events in the real world are so disturbing that I need to check out. Not deal with it, if possible not even think about it. Because what good would it do to think about it? None. I take refuge … Continue reading

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Tumbling Dice

Most modern board games include a few random elements — a deck of shuffled cards, rolls of the dice, or items drawn out of a black bag. I recently bought a new game called Trajan, and when it arrived yesterday … Continue reading

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This week I’m thinking about the design of board games. I’m not an expert! But I love these games, and it’s an interesting topic to ponder. A few years back, an enterprising fellow named Omar Syed designed and released a … Continue reading

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Halma, Tell Us!

The game of Halma was invented in the 1880s. By today’s gaming standards it’s very old-school. The board is too large, and play with four players is bound to be rather tedious. You can read about it on wikipedia. It … Continue reading

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The Game’s Afoot

Really, the only reason to write fiction is because it’s fun. It’s probably not going to make you rich or famous, so if it’s torture, you may as well find something else that floats your boat. I also enjoy playing … Continue reading

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Old Orleans

Tried out a new board game last night: Orleans. Played 3-handed against myself. I’ve bought several of the new games in the past couple of months, most of them terrific. This is the first one where I’ve felt the designers … Continue reading

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Playing Games

If you think of checkers, Monopoly, and Parcheesi when I mention board games, you’re going to be amazed. Starting in January, I’ll be hosting a twice-a-month board game afternoon here in Livermore. We’ll be playing a few (and maybe more … Continue reading

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Tumbling Dice

I played a lot of board games and card games when I was in high school. Haven’t done much gaming since then, but games have always fascinated me. Recently I discovered and started exploring the world of modern board and … Continue reading

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