Csound Power Errata

Eagle-eyed readers jave spotted a few code errors in my book Csound Power. Here are the corrections you may want to pencil into your copy.

  • In the caption on p. 3, Qt is referred to as a programming language. It isn’t. It’s a development system.
  • On p. 100, near the middle, the code explaining the definition of int should read “int(2.3) = 2.0”. The re-use of frac in this line is a copy-paste error.
  • On p. 123, the bottom code example gives the k-rate value kamp as an amplitude input to an oscil opcode, but kamp is undefined. Instead of replacing oscil in the original example with the two lines shown, replace it with the following three lines, which make use of an amplitude envelope defined using the line opcode:
          kampenv    line     iamp, p3, 0
          amod       oscil    kampenv, kcps * 0.5, ifn
          asig       oscil    amod, kcps, ifn
  • A similar error occurs on p. 126, where kfrq is undefined. If you’re inserting this code into the working example on p. 125, you can replace kfrq with ifrq.
  • On p. 181, at the top, the line “outs atab, atab” should read “outs aout, aout”.
  • In the third line of code near the top of p. 225, the less-than sign is an error. This should be a greater-than (>) sign.

There may be a couple more errors lurking somewhere in the book. If you find any, please let me know! You’ll find my email address on page xi, in the Introduction.


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