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The UU Titanic Hits Its Iceberg

To be honest, Unitarian Universalism isn’t a Titanic. It’s more of a dinghy. But I couldn’t resist the metaphor. Regular readers of this space may recall that back in June I posted the first of several articles (“Shut Up! You’re … Continue reading

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Those Pesky Details

Writing a decent murder mystery has to be a huge challenge. There are so many details you have to get right! The other day I picked up Breakdown by Jonathan Kellerman at the library. My first impression was that it’s … Continue reading

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Why Is There Sex?

Pardon me for boasting, but on the way home from the gym this morning I seem to have solved a long-standing problem in evolutionary theory. I don’t think I’ve read this idea anywhere — it just sort of popped up. … Continue reading

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Piece Piece

I’m a lousy chess player. In spite (or perhaps because) of this, I’m fascinated by chess variants — games that alter the rules of chess in order to produce a new and less explored experience. The website gets less … Continue reading

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Idealism (good luck with that)

Today on Facebook, someone posted what purports to be a quote from Russell Brand: “If we all collude and collaborate together we can design a new system that makes the current one obsolete. This is a journey we can all … Continue reading

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Digital Decay

Back in 2007 or thereabouts, I recorded some arrangements of pop tunes into Cubase. My idea was to be able to play live with my cello and pre-recorded backing tracks. For various reasons, I only ended up playing a couple … Continue reading

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Extensions & Contractions

This week I’ve been working on updating my Inform 7 Handbook. It’s rather discouraging process. Central to my discouragement is the chaotic state of the Inform extensions arsenal. In chapter 3 of my Handbook (which is a full-length book that … Continue reading

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Burnin’ Down the House

Today┬áI saw a bumper sticker that said, “Fight Socialism!” That and the Ronald Reagan bumper sticker made it crystal-clear that the owner of the car must be of the conservative persuasion. My question for this addle-pated individual is this: When … Continue reading

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I’d like to have a better network of social contacts. Friends, I think they’re called. Church attendance is rumored to be a way to build a social network. My choices in this arena are limited, as I’m an atheist. The … Continue reading

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The Why of Doing

Sometimes I’m a mystery to myself. For months I’ve been somewhat disgusted with interactive fiction. Other than fielding a few requests for help on the newsgroup or the forum, I haven’t been doing anything with it. And now, suddenly, I’m … Continue reading

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