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It’s a curious and depressing fact that while religious people very generally expect that their beliefs will be respected, they seldom show much inclination to respect the views of others. It sometimes happens that someone makes a statement about “God.” … Continue reading

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In his longish introduction to The Princess Bride, William Goldman sets up the pretense that he didn’t write the novel, that it’s a condensation of a much longer (and really boring) novel by someone named Morgenstern. The book we’re about … Continue reading

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A Very Old Story

Interesting discussion yesterday with a friend who is a Christian but also scientifically literate and living in the modern world. The business of reconciling religion with science set me thinking — and since I’m repurposing the Oblong Blob as a … Continue reading

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Theological Rant #739

Sometimes I have the dubious pleasure of sitting in a room (in a church basement, not uncommonly, or what passes for a basement in sunny California) listening to a bunch of recovering alcoholics talk about how God is working in … Continue reading

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…Because God Told Me To

In the course of one of those pointless wrangles on Facebook, my interlocutor posted a link to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s page on the requirement that employers provide religious accommodation. This individual seems to be of the opinion that … Continue reading

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Lay That Burden Down

I’ve always had a vague interest in the Tarot. Over the past year or two it has blossomed into a definite interest. I’ve been buying Tarot decks and Tarot books. I’m not sure where the interest comes from. As a … Continue reading

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Revelation du jour

There is a God. And God does respond to prayers. God is a giant armadillo named Murgatroyd. And by “giant” I do mean giant. Murgatroyd is about 75 feet from stem to stern, not including His tail. He lives in … Continue reading

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